Surfing Panama


Having two ocean coasts within easy driving distance (or a quick charter flight), Panama is one of the prime surfing destinations in the world and growing in popularity.  


There are huge opportunities for the surfing enthusiast or the beginner who wants to try and catch their first wave, miles of beach, great instructors and you will quickly see surfing is for any age.



Browse these surfing sites, giving you tidal and wave information, surfing schools and camps as well as tours.  Do your research, check out what is offered and check back here often as we build this list even further.  This is just a snippet of surfing opportunities in Panama.  Do your research and you will be pleasentaly surprised with what you can find.


Riomar Surf Camp


Panama Surf School


Fluid Adventures


Panama Surf Tours


Panama Surf Camp  (Located in Chiriqui)


Beaches & City!
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